About Us


Our style of worship is in the catholic tradition of the Church of England (sometimes called ‘high church’), but we’re also quite relaxed – it’s much easier to experience than describe – so we’re always delighted when people join us for worship: come and see.

There are various opportunities to pray in the church – and various things which may help you to focus: you can sit quietly; light a candle; or add a note to the ‘Prayer Cross’ (near the font close by the door). If you’re stuck for words there are some prayers in the service book, or usually some loose prayers on cards at the back, which you’re welcome to take away with you. Our praying has been influenced by many sources and strands of Christianity and especially the Celtic Christian tradition.0118f6ad2522763508f2333a1fab00f859b7b81f11

If you have a good choir voice, come and see us soon …we are always keen to welcome more members! Speaking of which, St John’s has had a very strong musical tradition – a tradition which is kept going today by the choir. The choir’s role is not just to sound marvellous or to look pretty (more difficult for some than others…), but it has a much more important role in helping to lead worship and to helping to offer our very best to God.

At St John’s we think there are only two kinds of worship music: good music and bad music! – not ‘old vs. new’, not ‘hymns vs. choruses’ – and so we will sing both old and new, but we will be critical about tune and words in both old and new!

If you want further information, or just to chat, do make contact.