0162d47fc1b9a1901be7eb125b63641cb778dd95dfSt John’s Choir

St John’s Choir is one with a tradition that goes back right to the founding of St John’s. There was once even a choir school attached to the church a long time ago!

Under the able direction of Richard Eldridge, the choir helps us to focus our worship and offer our very best to God. If you have a good choir voice, come and see us soon …we are always keen to welcome more members!

Why a robed choir?

With their red and white robes the choir looks exceedingly smart. You might ask why we have robes in the first place? Is it to draw attention to the choir? To make them look pretty? One reason that we use special vestments – choir robes, servers garments (and why priests wear black) is exactly the opposite: the clothes are ‘uniform’ and are designed to draw attention away from the personality within them.0133c6412c92b06e3b7d19460b84376e8df9ed0349

They are not a statement of individuality, but a reminder that those who wear vestments or robes or uniforms are there to serve God and others. That we do that better with others, working together as a team.

There’s no room for ego in a group like the choir! So robes are a reminder that the choir’s role is to help lead us in worship; not to become an elite singing force, not to be professional and detached, not to be exclusive, or ‘disable’ others with lesser musical gifts, but to be rather like (posh!) overalls a cleaner or mechanic might wear – a reminder that the Church belongs to Christ, not us! It’s also about vocation – realising that we have gifts, that God expects us to use our gifts in his service and that we have a role to play…

So that’s why we think robes are important and why we offer the very best to God in worship that we can!