Flowers at St John's

The flowers at St John’s are a visual aid to our worship like the “the bells and smells” which are used during the service, also they reflect the seasons of the year and the main Festivals. At the beginning of the Church’s year at Advent, which is four weeks before Christmas, the church is stripped of all flowers and in their place we have an Advent Wreath. This wreath contains five candles, three purple, one pink and one white, each of the four Sundays, a candle is lit to signify the coming of Christmas and the arrival of Baby Jesus. At Midnight Mass the Church is ablaze with candles. Christmas trees and masses of white flowers and the final white candle is lit to signify the arrival of Baby Jesus and Christmas.

The next big Festival is Easter, six weeks before Easter the flowers are all removed, as it is the beginning of Lent and the Church is bare of flowers until The Easter Vigil. Then after the service of light. the congregation comes into a Church to be greeted by beautiful arrangements of white lilies bought by donations in memory of loved ones.

Then on, after Easter until Advent we usually keep two large arrangements going in the Church, one next to the Lectern and one in the Porch, if there are an excess of flowers, we often have an extra arrangement in front of the High Altar. The other Festivals during the year that we tend to make a special effort are Pentecost, Harvest and Remembrance Sunday. Volunteers are always welcome to join the team to do arrangements – it’s a very calming and restful hobby to do especially if you enjoy flowers and it is all part of God’s Creation to enjoy.