Sunday School (FROGs)


The FROGs is our Sunday School. It stands for FRiends Of God and each Sunday morning the FROGs hop off to their swamp of the first half of the service. While the adults stay in the main church building for their ministry of the word, the children have their appropriate ministry of the word in the All Saints Room. When they come back we share what we’ve been learning and the children join back with us for the ministry of the sacrament.

When we send them out we give them a Bible to take with them (for their readings and study), and we light a candle which burns on the altar to remind us that part of the family are worshipping elsewhere for a while. When they come back (just before the Peace) they return the Bible and we blow out the candle

Currently, on the second Sunday of the month, the Frogs go off to do “Godly Play”… a more involved fun exploration of a Christian or Biblical theme.

Jesus told us that it was children (not religious adults or lawyers or pious old ladies!) who were the model for discipleship (look at Luke 18.15-17 & Luke 9.46-48) – so we’d better sit up and take notice!

We try and remember that children are part of the Church of today, and that the “priesthood of all believers” (see 1 Peter 2.5 & 9) includes children too.