057St Johns Confirmation Courses are designed to prepare you for the Christian life. As well as being for new Christians, the course is also open to anybody as a kind of refresher look at the basics of the Christian faith. So if you were confirmed a million years ago, or just last year and you fancy joining us, please do – it helps the candidates to see that confirmation is an important signpost on the way rather than a passing out parade! (also, that you don’t need to know all the answers before you’re confirmed).

We usually run one course a year. If there is enough demand, we will put on extra courses. Course sessions will last for about an hour and are accompanied by handouts, lashings of coffee (or juice) and posh biscuits (the exception being the Practical session towards the end of the course in Church). Starting the course doesn’t automatically mean you have to get confirmed – it’s OK to come and see what you think before committing yourself.

Course rules
  • Please try to do the whole course (obviously if you’re ill, that’s not your fault).
  • Bring your brain with you – it may be stretched a little! Golden Rule – there’s no such thing as a daft question.
  • If you don’t know, ask – chances are that you’re not the only one who wants to find out!

A typical course has the following structure:

Session 1
Confirmation – what is it?
Session 2
My story – how did I come to be where I am?
Session 3
On being a Christian – what’s it all about?
Session 4
The Bible – the greatest book never read…
Session 5
Worship – what happens in Church? (and beyond?)
Session 6
Prayer – what, how, when, where and why…?
Session 7
Any Questions? – Your agenda!
Session 8
Practical – in Church we lay the table and look at the meal.
The Confirmation Service itself – led by a Bishop.
Session 9
Church – what does it mean to belong?


If you’re interested in joining the next course, please get in touch with Father David or the church office via the Contact page.